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Losing weight is one of the concerns for us all. No matter at whatever age we are at, we usually tend to look at ourselves and think to lose weight as soon as we can. The first important aspect in losing weight is that how easy it is and how tough can it get when we think about losing weight in a large more: gabourey sidibe before and after

Some of us don’t even need to think about losing weight but some of us really need to work on our body on a large screen. When we talk about the eating habits in general, this definitely applies not only to the people who are fat but eating health is for us all. We all like munching around on bad timings but this is a very bad habit when it comes to keeping healthy to any one of us.

Eating healthy:

Healthy habits play a vital role in all our lives. There are many times when we don’t even realize that eating healthy can make a big difference not only in our size but also on our emotions and our sexual life as well. Emotions are very critical in our life and this can lead in many directions. Some individuals intend to eat when they are happy, sad or in stress as well. this is most undesirable moment and needs to be taken very seriously. Whenever you eat, you should ask yourself that why are you eating? Are you really hungry? These are the questions that will definitely strike you from eating. It is very important to keep asking yourself so that you can keep your self healthy and at the same time you can realize that most of the time you don’t feel hungry but still you eat without any reason.

Munching can be done in a way that one should munch on healthy food. Cucumber, Carrots, broccolis and some fruits can be added to munch if you feel like eating.

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We never realize that moderation can be so important in our lives. Moderation means that you eat food only that your body needs and then you stop. This can also be called as proportion. We never think about eating in proportion. If someone serves our best food, we never intend to stop. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make. If we eat in moderation, we might never have the need to go on a diet ever but this will only happen if we start seriously eating in proportions.

Proportions can be of great help and this can lead to reducing our appetite slowly. The best thing about moderation is that we do not eliminate the foods that we love but we only eat in the quantity that our stomach would definitely not want to eat but that is what eating in proportion is.

It is very important that we don’t think about the food that tempt us the most because if we think about those food, we intend to love them more and get closer to them to eat them. Therefore it is important not to think about your most favorite foods in general.

It is always important to eat with family. Always train your kids to eat with family as this indulges the habit of eating healthy and not overeating. If you eat near the television, specially watching your favorite movie or a favorite serial, you intend to overeat.

This is very natural and is applicable with every individual no matter whatever is the age.


healthy weight loss

What you eat is definitely important but when you eat can even be more important. This is what most of us ignore. Eating breakfast and then eating smaller meals all day long can be one of the healthiest habits one can have. it is very essential to eat good in the breakfast because that is the meal to keep you active all day long. If you eat good and healthy in the morning, rest of the meals don’t matter even if you skip them or eat only an apple or any other fruit a day. In the same way the dinner is the worst meal and can have the worst affect on your body if taken after 7 pm. Eat less and light in the night to have a good and healthy sleep.

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Cut down sugar:

Eating healthy and cutting down on meals along with eating in proportion can be helpful if sugar is cut down. Sugar is the most dangerous part when it comes to our health. High sugar levels can create a lot of chaos in our lives and can remain with us for the rest of our lives too. Therefore it is vital to cut down on sugar as much as you can as soon as you can.


Losing weight is a very important part in our lives. Keeping healthy and making a change in our life can be a difficult job but it can get easy if we are determined and have a positive mind set, things can change and it can bring positive changes to our lives in a very short period of time.

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It is essential to keep in mind that weight lose can be very sufficient and easy if you sincerely follow the steps discussed above in order to get a smaller waist and your desired weight. Eating healthy and working out at your best can make sufficient changes in your life and you can achieve your desired weight loss. It is always vital to go through the natural process than the unnatural processes. No matter if natural processes take a longer period of time, but at the same time they are safe for livelong period.