Growing Community Concern ( Anabolic Steroids)


  • Anabolic steroids are closely related chemically to the male sex hormone testosterone which is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics and masculine characteristics occurring at puberty. It can also enhance the muscle strength, endurance, and tissue growth.

In 1930, the first steroid had been isolated and methods of producing these hormones are established.

Legal and illegal methods are used by the athletes and body builders to enhance their performance and to give them benefits over the competition.

A number of activities are employed by athletes and body builders today to enhance their performance and assist with trainings.


A variety of training methods can be used by the body builders and coaches to enhance the performance of the musculoskeletal system.

Anaerobic Training Methods :

Anaerobic training methods such as the resistance training  ,intermediate or high intensity interval training and polymeric training to develop the power, strength and speed.

  • Resistance training : Exercise of the muscle or the group of the muscle against a resistance that developed the muscular strength ,power or the endurance.
  • Polymeric training : The purpose of polymeric training is to increase in the muscle power by first stretching the muscle and then contracting it in the shortest time .

Aerobic Training Methods :

The aerobic training methods such as the continuous training, long-interval training ,perform to developed the muscle endurance.


Nutritional supplements have been developed for body builders over the year.

  • Specialized sport foods :

 These address the specific nutritional needs including the sport drinks, sports bars or gels and liquid-meal supplements.

  • Dietary supplements :

Dietary supplements are really only required if any specific nutritional deficiency is experienced such as the calcium and iron supplements which elevate the level of  RBC’S and increase in bone strength.

  • Perfomance supplements : These supplements gives the benefits to performance and allow the muscles to recover like a house on fire.


There are two types of steroids including the legal and illegal. legal ones  is Corticosteroids, a class of drugs used to treat arthritis and many other health conditions, and illegal ones  are the anabolic Steroids.

Over six-million adults in the United States who uses the supplements with anabolic androgenic steroids for the purpose of performance enhancement and the majority buy their steroids from the black market. The reason is that performance enhancement is not include in the medical need and the only way you can fulfill this desire by buying illegal steroids.

Who can use the steroids according to the health care :

Health care providers prescribe steroids to treat hormonal issues or the deficiency in the hormone such as delayed puberty. Steroids can also treat diseases such as cancer and AIDS which causes the muscle loss.

But some athletes and bodybuilders abuse these drugs by overusing to enhance performance or improve their physical fitness.

Short-Term Side Effects :

Abuse of anabolic steroids may lead to mental problems, such as paranoid, extreme irritability and delusions. Best HGH Releasers

Aside from short term effects of  mental problems, it also causes severe and body to swell especially in the hands and feet.

Long-Term Effects :

 Anabolic steroid abuse may lead to serious health problems such as the kidney problems or failure ,liver damage and enlargement of heart, high blood pressure, and changes in blood cholesterol,

These effects are gender and age specific

 In Men:

 Overuse results in the shrinking of testicles, decreased sperm count, baldness/alopecia, development of breasts (gynecomastia) and increased in the risk for prostate cancer.

In women: Growth of facial hair or excess body hair, male-pattern baldness, fluctuation in the menstrual cycle, enlarged clitoris and deepened voice .

Why would you in risk by damaging your body with illegal steroids , if you know you could easily and safely get results just as an effective from a completely safe and legal alternative?

D-BAL MAX is the legal steroids give you all the benefits of Dianabol without any side effects, It is  super-potent, fast-acting and combo of muscle boosting ingredients, which will give you the explosive strength, intensive workouts and huge muscle gains quickly and safely.

Forget the man-boobs (Gynecomastia), shrinking testicles, bad acne, and all the other dangerous side effects  from Dianabol, you can transform your entire body within a few weeks.

How DBAL MAX enhance performance :

Increase Protein Synthesis :

Protein synthesis is the process of  producing the more proteins to build the more muscle, repairing and rebuilding damaged muscle fibers caused by your workouts, resulting in a bigger, stronger muscle.

Reduce Serotonin Levels and Increase ATP Content :

It lower the amount of serotonin your body during your workouts to delays fatigue, which delays fatigue, allowing you to work out for longer and increase the level of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in your muscles, results in the explosive energy.

Boost Testosterone and IGF-1 Levels :

Increase in the level of anabolic hormones in your body, testosterone and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) for strength and muscle gains.


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